Entry #2

Its been a while!

2011-01-01 01:36:42 by JaciMoos

It has been a while hasn't it!
I haven't logged into newgrounds for a long time! And only recently saw the Monochrome Collab's finished piece! It was so great, Check it out!
Great job to everyone who was involved, and a special thanks to J-qb for his hard work!!

I'm currently....uhh...sitting?
Chilling out....I have the flu....so I am all drugged up, listening to music and playing games and stuff like that.
School starts soon....I wish holidays were longer, I have no motivation for homework.....

On another note, Its new years eve!
Well, in Vancouver its still the Eve! Its only...uhhh.....10:30ish here, so its not official yet :D
I've been experimenting with colours and stuff, this is the one I just finished....
Its kinda dumb looking.
Oh well.

Its been a while!


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2011-01-01 01:54:30

It's okay.