Entry #1

First time making a News Post

2010-05-16 18:57:27 by JaciMoos

This is new to me.
I love newgrounds, but all the account stuff is like "woah! I gotta be online more often..."


So hi.
My name is Jaci, I'm an aspiring illustrator.
Buuuut, incase that doesn't work out, I'm studying Mechanics :D
My favourite fruit is Mango, my favourite vegetable is a Turnip.
I love doing art trades, so if your an artist, of equal or greater skill, let me know, We can arrange something :D

I'm on DeviantArt constantly, so go there to ask any questions.
I have my own Oekaki (or doodle) BBS Feel free to like...visit, and draw :D
Keep it appropriate though guys D:

My Deviant Art
My Youtube, though I don't do much...
My webcomic, though not often updated...

I am Canadian, btw.
Brazilian/canadian hybrid :D

--------- the picture included is my persona, if you go on my DeviantArt, you'll find a picture of me in real life, with a drawing of her next to it. We look alike apparently, so mission accomplished.

First time making a News Post


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2010-05-16 19:24:51

Welcome to the hellhole.
Don't mind it when the mods stick their rock-hard cock into you.

It's the initiation rape, we all went through it.


2010-05-16 19:26:42

Hello and welcome to the happiest place on earth!! Yah. Sooooo welcome:}


2010-05-18 03:44:11

Cool art, animating is fun but time consuming. If you practice and get good at it though then it's definently worth the time.


2010-06-06 17:06:08



2010-07-27 21:58:04

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2011-01-01 01:06:54

Your Awesome!!!!